Kansas Department of Transportation "...to provide a statewide transportation system to meet the needs of Kansas."


The KDOT Monthly Letting List Report is a listing of projects scheduled to be let within the next 2 years. The report provides information to contractors, utility companies, the public, and others regarding KDOT's potential future work efforts.

The report contains the following information:

  • KDOT Construction District
  • Route
  • County Number
  • KDOT Project Number
  • Project Description
  • Project Length (in kilometers)
  • Work Type
  • Projected Letting Date
  • Construction Estimate

The data provided in this report is sorted by calendar year, quarter, month the project will be let, project jurisdiction, district, county, and project number.

The ** indicates that the project is a part of a host project that will be let. Part project amounts are indented and added together to give the host project amount which is then added to the monthly total.

This report is best printed in landscape mode with a medium font size.

A downloadable version of the Project Letting list is now available. Click the icon to download      Download KDOT LettingList.csv
The information in this file is subject to change and is only valid for 1 week from the DATE_VALID column in this file.

If you have questions or comments regarding this report please contact KDOT's Bureau of Program & Project Management at (785) 296-3526.